Hadassah Cruz

By GREG LOUMEAU   MAY 12, 2014

Image courtesy Hadassah Cruz

Hadassah Cruz is an artist and writer who lives in Tucson, Arizona. She loves baseball, comic books and receiving large checks in the mail.

Drawing Comics

Hadassah Cruz

When did you begin creating art?
I’ve always loved art. When I was a kid, I would draw and paint whenever I had the chance. In 2008, I took classes in digital art and illustration at Pima Community College and that really boosted my desire to pursue art more seriously.

Who are some of your influences?
I was influenced by Disney cartoons and Japanese anime/manga. Also, my favorite artist, Frank Miller, was a big inspiration.

Do you specialize in doing certain type of art?
I don’t specialize in any kind of art but comic book art is definitely my favorite.

What comic book projects have you done?
I’ve worked on a few comics for Dreamco Press, including Eyes of the Bicycle Horse and Corpsicar: The Devil Who Stole Half The Moon, and am currently working on Muddy River Space Invaders, a collaboration with Dreamco and Kevin Blanton, who wrote the script based on an idea I had for a sci-fi comic.

What unique qualities do you bring to your artwork?
I try to strike a balance between realism and cartoon illustration, though some of my proportions are a little exaggerated. At first, I tried to make things look normal, but now I try to embrace the little things that make my drawing style unique.

What are your goals with your art?
I hope to write, illustrate, self-publish and market my own comic book in the future and participate more in the local comic book artist scene. Eventually, I would love to become a professional artist.

Why do you want to do comic book art?
I’m interested in doing comics because of the amazing characters and worlds that can be created. I also love the idea of the collaborative effort in comics – the writer, penciller, inker, colorist and letterer working in harmony to create an amazing work of art, or, in some cases, the hard work of a single artist pouring out their heart and soul onto the paper.  I love how there’s no one “right way” to make a comic – you can do anything you want – and how there are such a variety of comics, including: mini-comics, webcomics, one-shots, graphic novels, digital comics and more.

What other art mediums interest you?
I would love to write a screenplay one day. I’d also love to create cool “photomanips” for “fandoms” on Tumblr.

What projects are you currently drawing?
I am trying to finish drawing Muddy River Space Invaders, the fun little sci-fi comic I mentioned earlier. I’m also working on an original comic script, which is darker and more serious than anything I’ve done before. It’s got some sci-fi in it too, and a good dose of mystery.

Do you draw with a pencil and paper or a computer tablet?
Lately I sketch, draw and ink in Adobe Photoshop, but my favorite method is to sketch with pencil and then scan in the sketches and do inking on a separate layer. Click on the images below to see how I develop a comic page.

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Do you see any interesting trends in comic book art?
I think lately there have been a lot of out-of-the-box, edgy and original stories from self-published artists and writers. Even the big guns, like Marvel and DC, are creating more interesting plot lines and twists and turns for their established characters.

Where can we find out more about you and your artwork?
Right now I’m working on an online portfolio. You can see some of my stuff by clicking on the gallery link below. Feel free e-mail me at mulderluver@gmail.com with any questions or requests.

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